Yuri Quintana

wrote on May 26, 2018

Early in my career I read a paper called “Patient Computer Dialog” published on June 15, 1972, in the New England Journal of Medicine, by Warner V. Slack and Charles W. Slack. I was impressed not only by the innovation in that paper but also the humanity of putting the needs of patients first. I would later read many more inspiring papers from Warner and meet many people who were inspired by his wisdom, humanity, and friendship. Warner not only put patients first, I later found out he helps everyone. I was fortunate to meet him in person, and even more fortunate to come work in the division he founded. Countless people come to seek his wisdom and friendship. He always has a kind word and gentle way to support others. His many expressions, “Warnerisms”, a gold standard for how to be a great friend and mentor. One of my favorite Warnerisms is hearing Warner say “How can I help?”. I have heard him say that oh so many times with such great kindness and humility. Warner is the ultimate friend.