Theodore Steinman

wrote on June 1, 2018

Warner, When we first met at the BI almost 50 years ago, our friendship was sealed (and has steadily grown from there). You have been a dear friend and colleague from Day 1. One vignette defines who you are as a person. In the early 70's you were selected by Howard Hiatt to Chair the Intern Selection Committee, and you asked me to join the committee. In your role I quickly understood your commitment to equality and equal opportunity -- you wore your compassion on your sleeve. You rightfully noted that one of our missions is to provide training for all individuals who would benefit from a BI training and exposure to our inclusive hospital environment. You led the charge to recruit minority and disadvantaged applicants, setting a moral compass for all to follow. Your success in achieving this goal was noted by all -- as our minority house staff grew and flourished here. ALL BECAUSE OF YOUR LEADERSHIP. You lifted all of us to a higher level, always employing the Marine mantra of "follow me". And follow you we did. As is typical of you, you were a man ahead of his time. You led the charge that the BI would be a warm community for all. I tip my head and my heart to a cherished friend. Thank you be being a leading light for me.