Terry Hannan Mary Suchodolsky

wrote on May 27, 2018

Dear Warner, Carolyn and Family, the internet in health care has been a major part of your life and it is this medium that brings us news of your ill health-thanks Charlie Safran. All we know is that you are seriously ill. So, the first message is please recover soon if the illness can be overcome. What is important to say is the despite the the tyranny of distance Mary & I are spiritually by your side (and Carolyn’s). For both of us you have been a person of unlimited generosity of spirit and charity over the years we have known you-“unconditional giving” is the first phrase that comes to mind. As a mentor to myself you exist amongst the pantheon of the gods. I am not the only person you have ever nurtured in your professional career but your influences are tattooed on my soul. So from deep within Thylacine country we look forward to better news soon. With ALL our love and affection. Mary Suchodolsky and Terry Hannan