Melek Somai

wrote on May 27, 2018

Dear Warner, There is no word to express my gratitude to consider myself a colleague and a friend of yours. You are one of the few people who have played a big role in my life when I first moved to US, and one of the fewer whose wisdom I still rely upon to guide me till this day. I still remember the days upon starting my career at DCI. I was sharing with Brad the office that was located a few inches away from yours. You never missed the occasion to step by the door and greet us... Literally any occasion, no matter the circumstances, being it a rainy day or a snowy one (and we had couple of those over the years; perhaps one of the reasons why I left Boston...) I also want you to know that I still deeply cherish the precious moments we spent conversing about everything and nothing, from medicine, history and french literature to Tunisian politics, the economy and health informatics. Your vision about healthcare, your humility towards knowledge, and your unique perception on progress as a mean to simply become a human being has deeply impacted me and is permanently guiding my career and life. I wish you dear friend a prompt recovery... we love you! Regards, Melek