Lowell E. Schnipper

wrote on June 28, 2018

Gregarious, idealistic, forward looking, caring, loving, generous and impactful are a few of the superlatives that come to mind in thinking about Warner. I remember my first Slack sighting at Washington U in St. Louis, when I was a fellow, and the then Chair of Medicine, Dave Kipnis was hosting a recruitment visit for two computer medicine docs (Slack and Bleich) from the BIH who were said to be at the cutting edge of their field. Little did I know that my good fortune was their decision to remain in Boston and for me to encounter Warner soon after my career began at the hospital. How I smile at the memories of Warner, Peter Goldman and me, a rumpled triumvirate, having lunch on a regular basis in order to "solve the problems of the world." The shared laughs, keen insights, over the top idealism, astonishing accomplishments, infectious enthusiasm coupled with humility will forever be my cherished memories of this special man. He touched so many of us, and left all of us better for it.