Larry Nathanson

Dear Warner, It has been a great honor and privilege to have worked with you since the earliest days of my career. Little did I know that when, as a new employee, I appropriated an office by putting my name on the door, that I was paying homage to you and the division's rich history! Back then I learned from you that "the quality of the system was inversely proportional to the size of the manual". In that spirit I always endeavored to make my programs intuitive and easy to use. Your teachings are the reason those systems have been adopted and you have met but a tiny fraction of the large number of thankful users. However the greatest lesson was not related to informatics. At all times, from the day I met you some 28 years ago until the present, no matter what the circumstances, I have never seen anything but the utmost in optimism, sincerity, gratitude and selflessness. You are the consummate professional role model, and all of us who have spent time with you have been greatly enriched by it. With the deepest of appreciation, --Larry