Jason Boro

wrote on June 14, 2018

Warner, I met Charlie Safran in 1990, and through working as a data gatherer and entry clerk I was eventually posted as a research assistant and project coordinator at the CCC. Working with you was an experience that brought together so many disparate parts of my experience while also springing me into new possibilities. I always appreciated that you got to know the people that contributed to your efforts; you certainly conveyed your support for your employees while seeing them as an entire person. I recall talking with you one time about a capella and voice and chorus groups, and your expressing that you believed that certain pursuits we engage in are fundamentally important (even if they might seem like hobbies). When I was working with you I was humbled by you and the research fellows of Harvard Med that I met and worked with at the CCC; but the office was like a family and that was an accomplishment of your doing and showed the benign influence of your personality. I have not seen you much over the intervening years, but your influence on me has never diminished in any way, and I was so touched that you were present at the celebration of my mother’s life since you were an incredibly important figure in Emily (Mom’s) life. Take good care and know that I and others you have graced with your sense of humor and broad smile are sending you the best vibes and warm wishes. G-d bless, Jason E. Boro, Esq., M.A.