Holly Kowaloff

wrote on June 12, 2018

Warner, We first met in 1976 when I came to the lab to interview for a programming position. I had just read an article in Psychology Today regarding experiments with computer assisted soliloquy conducted by you and your brother. I was intrigued by the article and was delighted when you hired me. Thus began forty years working together and with others to develop health promotion interactive programs and to study patient computer interaction. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to work with you, Warner and to have you as a dear friend. You possess the unique combination of intelligence, kindness, dedication, generosity, and humor. I learned so much from you, not only how to write interactive programs that are engaging as well as informative, but more importantly the best way to live one’s life. I am saddened by your illness and hope you can return home soon. With much love, Holly