Eli K.

wrote on May 25, 2018

When I met Warner a few days into starting with DCI in 2008, he had his close friend and colleague Dr Howard Bleich seated near him in our old offices at the Feldberg building. He and Howard were kind and cordial — and welcoming, of course. It was a little later that day that Warner, introduced to me as a renowned physician, scientist and author (and cofounder of DCI of course), took a few minutes to come over and get to know me. I remember thinking — is it possible someone is actually this nice? Turns out the answer is a resounding yes. Over the years I have come to look forward to helping Warner in any way I can. Whether I’m making a PDF for him or figuring out a weird quirk in Word, I am always happy to help keep his ship afloat! Warner taught me a lot about kindness and respect in the workplace — we aren’t there only to do work but to do GOOD work that does GOOD. His lovely family is a testament to the sort of person Warner is, and I am quite honored to be counted among those who can say they have learned from him over the last 10 years. Warner’s selfless ways and charming, funny, timely and historically significant stories are something special and I look forward to continuing many more years of quoting him.