Clem McDonald

wrote on May 31, 2018

Warner you have been a dear friend for decades. The path you followed influenced mine at many crucial turns. You may or may not have known that Robert Schilling invited me to be staff at U of Wisconsin (Madison) to fill your big shoes. Because I had not finished my residency he agreed to let me finish it at U of Wisonsin.. There I met John Greist- a colleague of yours (and incidentally his sister is my hematologist now) . John suggested I visit Joe Mamlin at Wishard Hospital in Indianapolis. He said the thought the place would be perfect for me.. It was.. Then you and Howard invited me to Boston between '75 and '77.- the first of many trips to visit your lab. I was very proud to be your guest. Also have very fond memories of the visits to explore being a member of your team at Brigham and woman's. Loved you guys-- still do. Will never know about the path not taken., but appreciated your confidence in me and treasured the time with you. Then you took over MD Computing and brought it to new heights. You have always been a warm and strong friend, and I have always appreciated that deeply Love you Clem