Charles Safran

wrote on June 24, 2018

Yesterday on my way to a rainy early afternoon movie “Won’t you be my neighbor?" I got a call I had been expecting but didn’t want. The caller ID said Warner Slack, and while it was possible he would be calling, I heard the voice of Charlie Slack. After writing a few emails, Donna and I went to the movie about Fred Rogers. I cried out loud throughout the movie, and it was not lost on me that Warner loved movies and he would have loved this film. Movies were a frequent topic of discussion for Warner. I thought Warner must have been the best neighbor any of us could have hoped for. A person who would and did help anyone. He made each one of us feel special. A friend wrote to me that the world is a little less wonderful without Warner and while I initially agreed, a day later I’m feeling that we are all blessed to be better neighbors because of Warner’s life.