Anne Doyle

wrote on June 8, 2018

Dear Warner, If your birthday cake on June 10th has a candle for every friend and colleague who has come under your spell of kindness and generosity, then there will be a three alarm fire! We want you and your beloved hospital to remain standing; so instead of creating a blaze, may you light one candle, gaze into its flame, and imagine that you are surrounded by the love and laughter of the friends whose thoughts are represented here, and the thousands more whose lives you have touched and positively changed. At Lasell Village, where education is at our heart, you have been a quiet teacher: you have taught me so much about what it means to be a leader. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your life lessons through your everyday actions, intellect, and dazzling smiles and hugs. You and Carolyn create goodness wherever you go. I am deeply grateful. With affection and birthday wishes, Anne