A computer-based dietary counseling system.

TitleA computer-based dietary counseling system.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1976
AuthorsWitschi J, Porter D, Vogel S, Buxbaum R, Stare FJ, Slack W
JournalJ Am Diet Assoc
Date Published1976 Oct
KeywordsAutomatic Data Processing, Computers, Counseling, Diet Surveys, Dietetics, Feeding Behavior, Female, Humans, Male, Obesity, Patient Education as Topic, United States

A computer-based dietary counseling system is described. Designed to interact directly with patients, the program interviews people about their dietary behavior and plans with them a weight-reducing diet of approximately 1,500 kcal. In a preliminary trial, twenty-five volunteers gave critical commentary en route through the interviews. The results provided insight into the process of dietary interviewing by computer and helped in the preparation of an experimental study (10). It is our hope that a revised and expanded version of the program will be helpful to both patients and nutritionists in the management of a variety of clinically important dietary problems.

Alternate JournalJ Am Diet Assoc
PubMed ID956580